Since 1993 TreuHanf staff has been involved in creating new economic cycles based on hemp and other fibre plants (flax, miscanthus sinensis). This activity significantly assisted the rediscovery of fibre hemp for industrial purposes, and also helped to legalise hemp cultivation in Germany.

TreuHanf Investitions- und Beteiligungs- GmbH was founded in 1994. In the beginning, it worked as a wholesaler for the distribution and franchise enterprise HanfHaus GmbH, examining hemp products from all European countries and assessing their marketability. In this way, the staff got to know the major fibre processing plants working in eastern Europe and Asia, established relations with the management of these companies and got experienced in the following activities:

  • Production and supply of fibre for technical purposes, e.g. compounds, construction material and textiles,

  • Production and supply of the necessary equipment,

  • Planning and advice for the modernisation of existent and the construction of new natural fibre industries,

  • Development of other product lines (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals)

TreuHanf's activities respect the principles of sustainability. Renewable resources, and especially hemp, a robust and high-yielding plant with many uses, are the key means to realise TreuHanf's vision:

  • Natural fibre replaces man-made fibre, in particular glass fibre obtained with high input of primary energy.

  • Industrial raw material made from hemp and flax is "produced" by photosynthesis. Their production requires only small amounts of fossil fuel. Compared to cotton, their need for fertiliser and most of all for pesticides is insignificant.

  • Via photosynthesis, plants store the climatically active gas carbon dioxide. By fostering the use of agriculturally produced raw material by the industry, the amount of atmospheric CO2 can be lowered considerably.

  • New jobs will be created mostly in rural areas by the processing centres, and the connected service, supply and secondary processing industry.

TreuHanf can conceive complex plants for the cultivation and processing of hemp and attend together with enterprises from the mechanical engineering sector - the construction process until the final delivery. For a very large hemp processing plant in Kazakhstan TreuHanf made the feasibility study, co-financed by the German Ministry of Economics.